This guy is so thorough and organized! He kept up with me through every step and explained everything, was always on time and prepared. The day of my hearing there was only one other lawyer there who was as on top of things as he was. He is a serious, hard-working person and yet friendly and polite. Can’t believe I found him on Craigslist, so glad I didn’t go with one of the far more expensive, impersonal big firms with a fancy website.
Amanda McWilliams-May

Mr. Egozcue is very knowledgeable, professional, informative, and punctual. His office is also beautiful. He is highly recommended.
Kay Jack

I was assigned attorney Richard A. Egozcue. He guided me step by step throughout the process of my bankruptcy. He was very helpful with any questions I had and made the process as easy as possible. If you’re thinking about filing a bankruptcy I highly recommend using Bankruptcy Solutions and attorney Richard A. Egozcue in particular. You won’t regret it.
Haris Ahmad

Richard was a great help in filing my bankruptcy. Very professional and helpful with any questions I had. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone who wants to file.
N. D.

I would highly recommend Richard. He is absolutely phenomenal. Every question I had, he answered right away. I am very happy that I had Richard help me through this process.
Brett Johnson

If you want an experience Bankruptcy lawyer that’s going to work for you and that is professional in every expect of the way and one that goes above and beyond to make the process for his clients go as smoothly as possible; then Attorney Richard Egozcue of Bankruptcy Solution is the Attorney for you. Richard thank you for making a bad situation a positive experience for me.
Michelle Turner

Richard is a true professional and an amazing attorney. I was terrified of going through the bankruptcy process but he helped me throughout the process step by step. He was always extremely quick to answer his emails and phone calls about questions I had at any time even on weekends. Absolutely recommend!
Angela Bovaird

Attorney Richard E. is highly recommended if you ever need to file for bankruptcy. He answered all of my questions and explained them thoroughly so that I had a clear understanding. He is very professional and polite at all times. I never had a problem with being able to contact him by phone or email because he keeps you well informed and updated throughout the complete process. Thank you again Richard for representing me!
Sheila Rawls

I needed help after incurring a lot of medical debt. Attorney Richard made the bankruptcy process simple and helped guide me through the process. I highly recommend him and his firm.
George Gilden

Richard A. Egozcue is the best. He was very professional and always willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend him (his firm) to anyone thinking of filing bankruptcy.
Sheri Goldsmith

Attorney Richard A. Egozcue of Bankruptcy Solutions is wonderful to work with. Bankruptcy can be a very scary thing to go thru for anyone, Richard took his time and explained everything every step of the way, giving us as much time as we needed to ask any questions even on the weekends. We are very great full to have found him after looking at other law firms , he was the first one to lay everything out from the start, from the very first meeting we knew what to except. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney.
Sara Hur

I had to file for bankruptcy after losing my job and going though a divorce. My attorney Richard Egozcue made the process very smooth for me. He was very reliable and professional. He was always there when I needed him. He answered all my questions and put me at ease. I truly recommend his services! Thank you so much Mr. Egozcue!!!!
Isaiah Price

I needed to file a bankruptcy quickly and inexpensively. Richard exceeded my expectations. He even worked on the weekends to get the job done and maintained constant contact with me through the whole process. He really wants to help people and understands that bankruptcy is stressful for most people, especially since most know nothing about the process. He made sure that I would be prepared for each step, so there would be no surprises. I almost went with a big law firm that wanted to charge me over double, because I didn’t know better, but I’m so glad I called around and found Bankruptcy Solutions.
Loni Paige